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Continental Travel Peru: Pioneering Carbon-Neutral Business Travel with Green Initiative

Continental Travel is setting the bar high in the business travel industry in Peru with its global commitment to carbon neutrality. At Green Initiative, we are pleased to announce that Continental Travel has started its journey to decarbonize its corporate operations and services. This strategic leadership decision follows several years of investments in sustainability efforts. They have also increased their technical capacities for climate mitigation.

“Starting this journey towards carbon neutrality is not just a strategic move for Continental Travel; It’s a way to show our commitment to leading the industry in responsible travel. By measuring, reducing, and offsetting our carbon emissions, we’re setting a new standard for corporate travel services in Peru. We want our clients to know that we are actively contributing to a more sustainable future, with clear, science-based reports on our decarbonization efforts.”

Gian Marco Piera, CEO at Continental Travel

As a result, Continental Travel will be positioned as the first corporate business travel operator to achieve Green Initiative’s Carbon Neutral Certification. This achievement will lead the sector into a new standard for low-carbon emissions in corporate travel. Continental Travel is a Peruvian travel operator with over two decades of experience. They have a deep understanding of the international business travel market. Their clients span various industries, including banking, mining, healthcare, energy, and textiles.

How Business Travel is Leading the Charge Towards Net-Zero Emissions

Business travelers are becoming more committed to achieving net-zero emissions. This includes their own corporate operations and value chains. Marcos Piera, General Director at Continental Travel, states that business travel agencies should not be part of the problem. Instead, they should add value to their corporate clients by measuring, reducing, and offsetting CO₂ emissions. They should also provide consistent and transparent reports with science-based evidence of decarbonization progress.

The work led by Continental Travel is innovative but not isolated. Worldwide, the business travel industry is becoming more sophisticated in decarbonizing its services. The power of business travel is significant. Leading flight companies are putting additional pressure on Airbus, Boeing, and Embraer to accelerate progress towards cleaner fuels and more efficient engines. Corporations around the world may reduce business travel due to their need for public pledges and international carbon mitigation goals.

By partnering with Green Initiative and undergoing the Carbon Neutral Certification process, Continental Travel is demonstrating its proactive stance in reducing carbon emissions associated with its operations. This initiative aligns with global efforts to combat climate change, such as the Glasgow Declaration for Climate Action in Tourism. This UN initiative aims to catalyze climate and nature-positive action.

But what does this mean for business travel?

  • Competitive advantage: By choosing a certified carbon-neutral travel agency like Continental Travel, your business will reduce its carbon footprint’s Scope 1 emissions.
  • Extended value chain: Your business will support the development of climate-smart value chains, engaging with other companies that share the same climate-mitigation concerns.
  • Traveler benefits: Business travelers will learn more about opportunities and alternatives related to climate-smart travel, raising their awareness and enabling them to influence others within their business environment.

Continental Travel Peru’s bold move toward climate-smart business travel in partnership with Green Initiative is not just about reducing carbon emissions. It’s about leading by example and inspiring positive change within the industry.

Take the Next Step Toward Climate-Smart Business Travel

Are you ready to elevate your business travel to the next level? Contact us to learn more about our expert advisory services and how your company can become a climate-smart leader in your industry. Join Continental Travel, Green Initiative, and many more businesses that are making a tangible difference for our planet.

Written by Tatiana Otaviano, from the Green Initiative team.


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