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World's Leading Sustainable Organisation 2024 - Green Initiative

Green Initiative Nominated for World’s Leading Sustainable Organisation 2024

We are delighted to share the news that we have been selected as a 2024 nominee for World’s Leading Sustainable Organisation 2024

In an era where sustainability is more crucial than ever, we are honored to announce that Green Initiative has been nominated for the prestigious “World’s Leading Sustainable Organisation 2024” award by the World Sustainable Travel & Hospitality Awards (WSTHA). This nomination reflects our unwavering commitment to integrating climate action into business models and pioneering sustainable practices in the travel and hospitality industry.

Why Your Vote Matters

Your vote is not just a gesture of support; it is a powerful statement that sustainable business practices are essential for the future of our planet. By voting for Green Initiative, you are endorsing our efforts. The voting window is open and runs until 2 August.

How to Vote

Voting for Green Initiative is quick and easy. Simply follow this voting link, select Green Initiative, register and validate your e-mail and cast your vote for “World’s Leading Sustainable Organisation 2024.” Every vote brings us one step closer to achieving this honor and amplifying our impact on global sustainability.

Step 1: Select Green Initiative
Step 2: Sign up to be able to vote (or login if you are already registered at WSTHA)
Step 3: Register your e-mail (preferably your corporate e-mail)
Step 4: Check your e-mail and click to Verify Your Email Address to be redirected to the final step.
Step 5: Select Green Initiative and click Vote Now.
Thank you!

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About World Sustainable Travel & Hospitality Awards

The World Sustainable Travel & Hospitality Awards, launched at COP28 in Dubai as a sister program to the World Travel Awards, aims to recognize and promote individuals and organizations driving sustainable change in travel and tourism. The initiative aspires for every travel sector entity to achieve a net positive impact and implement best practices to protect communities and destinations. The WSTHA Advisory Board, governs the program by setting standards, criteria, and award categories to reflect sustainable best practices in the travel and hospitality ecosystem.

About Green Initiative

Suppose you have yet to learn about us. In that case, Green Initiative is a leading organization dedicated to internalizing and promoting sustainable business practices. With a focus on nature and climate action, we partner with companies worldwide to integrate sustainability into their operations, ensuring a better future for our planet. Contact us to learn more about our work and impacts.


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