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First Condo in The World to Be Climate Positive Certified

First Climate Positive Certified Condo in The World

Tivoli Ecoresidences da Bahia, Brazil: the first condominium in the world to be Climate Positive certified.

The Concept

Since launch in 2012, Tivoli Ecoresidence provides visitors with an unique experience of living in harmony with nature.

Another key point is that this vision is now more relevant than ever. As we know, the COVID-19 Pandemy showed that it is necessary to reconcile the relationship between man and nature.

With this in mind, we must integrate culture and business models of all economic sectors. By all means, including tourism.

Climate Positive Certification

Tivoli Ecoresidences began the necessary steps to achieve the Climate Positive Certification in March 2022. As the need to set a new and more sustainable path became imminent.

Promoted by the Green Initiative, this climate certification is explicitly an international recognition. The company is a leading certification organization. Equally important, an active partner of the United Nations and World Tourism Organization for deploying climate action awareness and standards worldwide.

The great news is that the certification as Climate Positive Condominium is the first of its kind. Many will follow the same steps and take action. At Tivoli, 42 Ecoresidences operate in an integrated and harmonious way within an area of 15 hectares of Atlantic Forest.

Only 10% of the total condo area has built space. This allows the primary forest to maintain the quality of its ecosystem services, including capturing carbon from the atmosphere and biodiversity.

carbon emissions and footprint

As part of the Climate Positive certification process, Tivoli Ecoresidences is conducting an in-depth analysis to track most compelling evidence on its primary sources of carbon emissions.

Such data is important to realize and will help managers identify actions to allow progressive reduction of their carbon footprint.

Taking Action

As a result, Tivoli Ecoresidence is incorporating climate management into its business model and condo operation by taking this actions.

Furthermore, they are developing new capabilities and adding a differentiated value to the experience of tourists and visitors of the northern coast of Bahia, in Brazil.

We believe that the answer to avoiding global warming is in the shared responsibility of everyone. From Tivoli Ecoresidence, we are very proud to connect and contribute to the achievements of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the World Tourism Organization to promote a climate-smart tourist activity.

Odair Conceição

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