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SENAC - Driving Climate Action in Brazil Tourism and Trade Sector

SENAC – Driving Climate Action in Brazil Tourism and Trade Sector


The National Commercial Training Service (SENAC) is the leading professional education agent focused on Brazil’s Trade of Goods, Services, and Tourism.

It is present in more than 1,800 municipalities, from North to South of Brazil, where it maintains the state-of-the-art infrastructure of more than 600 school units, pedagogical companies, and mobile units.

To support the tourism sector in the State of Bahia, in its alignment with the main trends and climate regulations at a national and international level, SENAC has been working since August 2022 to apply good climate management practices for its School Restaurant in Bahia.

The Climate Action Project

The goal of this first climate action project is to introduce the management of carbon emissions in the SENAC school restaurants, seeking to:

  1. Comply with the climate guidelines promoted by the World Tourism Organization through the Glasgow Declaration.
  2. Comply with UN Climate Change GHG emissions management protocols.
  3. Achieve the global Carbon Neutral certification as recognition to be offered by the Green Initiative.

The success of this effort could mean the development of new internal capacities and, consequently, a unique reference for the tourism and commerce sector of the State of Bahia and the country in terms of climate action.

SENAC and Green Initiative

Green Initiative is supporting SENAC by bringing essential carbon mitigation practices to the center of its business model that will contribute to improvements in the efficiency of operations, as well as raising the awareness of students and thousands of customers who use the services of the Restaurante-Escola.

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