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Climate Action at Delfin Group and Delfin Logistics

Climate Action at Delfin Group

Introducing Strategic Climate Action at Delfin Group and Delfin Logistics

Delfin Group and Delfin Logistics are becoming the pioneer companies in the logistics services sector. Hence, steadily advancing toward Green Initiative’s Carbon Neutral Certification.

Business Strategy

Delfin Group and Delfin Logistics, the group’s new land freight transport company, are introducing climate action as part of their business strategy.

As a result, this generates new climate-smart products and services. Investments in the application of new technologies give greater efficiency to its logistics processes, among other good practices.

“In three words: We are leading into a new climate standard. This 2022 begins our journey to strategic climate action. We are determined to find a balance between economic performance, the environment, and the well-being of society. Therefore, this initiative fills us with pride. We want to share the beginning of this new stage with our clients and partners”.

José Pagador – Director

Lastly, the beginning of this new phase is possible with the support of the Green Initiative. Altogether, by advising executives throughout the climate certification cycle.

Know more about the actions on the way to the Carbon Neutral Certification of Delfin Group by visiting

Engage in Climate Action

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