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World exchange becomes Carbon Neutral certified

WorldXchange becomes Carbon Neutral Certified

Worldxchange is the first Currency Exchange House in the world to reach the Carbon Neutral Certification

The Company

WorldXchange, a foreign currency exchange house with more than 40 years of experience in the national market. Conveniently located in the country’s main airports, our services are characterized by their reliability, agility, and competitiveness.

The company´s ISO 9001 certification ensures compliance with high-quality standards. It guarantees commitment and continued improvement.

Tourism is one of the most critical sectors for the country’s economic recovery. It provides outstanding contribution to generating work and income opportunities.

Peru needs to promote the reactivation of Tourism in a different way. Namely, by internalizing the lessons that COVID-19 has left us.

Lessons Learned

One of the ways to promote the recovery of tourism activity is by supporting the international climate agenda.

WorldXchange understands that the Peruvian tourism sector must engage in a sustainable development path. This is by adopting smart climate action practices that will contribute with efficiency and innovation – Building Tourism Back Better.

The tourism sector of Peru has been taking significant steps in this direction. The certification of Machu Picchu as the first carbon-neutral wonder of the world is perhaps the best example for this.

This good news has spread worldwide and has given our emblematic heritage site access to financing sources and international recognition. Like National Geographic, Lonely Planet, United Nations Climate Change, and the World Tourism Organization.

At WorldXchange we believe that this effort is consistent with the current needs of tourism industry and needs to be widely supported by all tourism stakeholders, including airports, hotels, tourism operators and agencies, transport, and the entire set of organizations that make up the value chain.

In this context, WorldXchange has been working with Green Initiative to introduce climate action at the core of its business model.

“One of the lessons that Covid-19 leaves us is that from wherever we are, we must do things differently. At WorldXchange we are committed to the reactivation of tourism with climate responsibility. Responsible companies must support intelligent and climate-responsible economic reactivation. From which, we all benefit. This is our great challenge today.”

Raul Villa

Green Initiative is very proud to announce that WorldXchange is the first Currency Exchange House in the world to reach the Carbon Neutral Certification.


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