Plant a Tree for The Tití Monkey, in Península de Osa, Costa Rica

Make a world of difference by supporting ecosystem restoration. Receive a certificate to honor your contribution.


/ USD$ 25 price per tree

Choose your amount: $1.00 or above. No matter the size, every contribution significantly impacts and will add to our reforestation project. Contribute with any value that you feel comfortable with. Your certificate will show your detailed contribution amount to planting one or more trees based on the USD 25 price per tree.


We are planting trees to restore ecosystems in Peninsula de Osa, which houses 2.5% of global terrestrial biodiversity!

By planting trees on Peninsula de Osa, we aim to protect animal and tree species, including several threatened species from the IUCN Red List, such as the endangered Central American Squirrel Monkey, also known as Mono Titi, which is threatened mainly by deforestation for agriculture and development, leading to a decline in their extent of occurrence and area of occupancy of 60% over the last 27.5 years. Our restoration initiative aims to reinforce the growing wildlife corridor between the Osa Peninsula and the Talamanca Mountains, which the Osa Conservation Project protects. Local inhabitants receive training and incentives to preserve the ecosystem and engage in sustainable harvesting practices as part of our restoration efforts.

About Peninsula de Osa

Peninsula de Osa is considered one of the most biodiverse regions, harboring 2.5% of the global terrestrial biodiversity. This megadiversity has received the region’s attention from biologists, primatologists, botanical collectors, and conservationists. It has the most significant wetland ecosystem and mangrove forests in Central America.

Peninsula de Osa is home to:


Of Flora Found Nowhere Else in the World


Species of Vascular Plants


Species of Insects


Species of Trees


Bird Species Including de Largest Population of Scarlet Macaws in Central America


Kinds of Monkeys