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Forest Friends
Green Iinitiative - United Nations Decade on Ecosystems Restoration - For a Climate Positive Planet

About Forest Friends

Since 2015, Green Initiative’s certifications have enabled public and private organizations to set science-based emissions reductions targets.

We have been guiding our clients toward verified Carbon offset solutions and most important we encourage them to support biodiversity: Green Initiative’s original inspiration and continuous aspiration.

Each one of us need to discover what are the world’s climate challenges and nurturing biodiversity means a great deal in this battle.

That’s why we improved our climate action opportunities and shared our expertise with you.

Luciana Visnesvky,
Green Initiative Executive Director

How Forest Friends Works

Step 1
To Plant Trees
Choose your preferred planting site
Step 2
To Plant Trees
Sign In to our platform
Step 3
To Plant Trees
Order your trees
Step 4
To Plant Trees
Access your report page and certificate
Step 5
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Your ecosystem restoration project is monitored
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Ecosystem Restoration Approach

Green Initiative plants trees on your behalf. We do this through an ecosystem-based approach, which means that we are not only concerned in the number of trees planted but rather in the overall impact on biodiversity recovery.

Our ecosystem approach is based on restoring enabling wildlife corridors enabling their fundamental role in genetic exchange and biodiversity conservation.
Green Iinitiative - Ecosystems Restoration Projects - For a Climate Positive Planet

Forest Friends Monitoring Cycle

Phase 1
Baseline assessment
Phase 2
GPS location
Phase 3
Planting and nurturing trees
Phase 4
Monitoring of restored areas
Phase 5
Annual reports shared with supporters

Green Initiative is a member of the UN Decade for Ecosystems Restoration - science task force and is recognized by the united nations to provide advisory services that lead to carbon neutral certification.

Green Iinitiative - United Nations Decade on Ecosystems Restoration - For a Climate Positive Planet

We are Proud of Supporting World Class Initiatives for Climate Action

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