Plant a Tree for The Andean Bear, in Tambopata, Peru

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/ USD$ 25 price per tree

Choose your amount: $1.00 or above. No matter the size, every contribution significantly impacts and will add to our reforestation project. Contribute with any value that you feel comfortable with. Your certificate will show your detailed contribution amount to planting one or more trees based on the USD 25 price per tree.


We are planting trees to restore ecosystems in Madre de Dios, a region considered the capital of biodiversity in Peru.

By planting trees in Madre de Dios, we aim to protect animal and tree species, including several threatened species from the IUCN Red List, such as the Jaguar, which is threatened by suspected declines of 20-25% in its population caused by habitat quality decline or fragmentation. Since 2008, the threats to the Jaguar, on a global scale, have continued or intensified. Therefore, our restoration efforts aim to reinforce the Vilcabamba Amboro wildlife corridor that spans the southeastern region of Madre de Dios. Local inhabitants receive training and incentives to protect the ecosystem and engage in sustainable harvesting practices as part of our restoration efforts.

5% of all biodiversity in the world

The Madre de Dios rainforest is formed by a tremendous Amazonian plain or low jungle; it is one of the wealthiest life formations on earth, with a high plant biodiversity of up to 300 tree species/ha (Gentry, 1988). The department of Madre de Dios has been given the title of “Capital of Biodiversity of Peru” through Law No. 26311, in the merit of its natural wealth.

Tambopata is home to:

Species of amphibians
species of mammals
species of fish
species of birds
Species of butterflies
species of plants