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Lima Airport Partners Leads the Way in Sustainable Aviation Recognized at ACI-LAC Annual Assembly 2023

Lima Airport Partners Leads the Way in Sustainable Aviation: Recognized at ACI-LAC Annual Assembly 2023

The recent ACI-LAC Annual Assembly, Conference & Exhibition 2023 held in Miami showcased the dedication of Latin American and Caribbean airports towards pioneering projects in the aviation industry. The spotlight was on two critical areas – decarbonization and enhancing the passenger experience. Among the standouts was Lima Airport Partners (LAP), whose innovative project, “Sustainable Management of Waste and Materials in the New Jorge Chávez Expansion Project,” earned them the prestigious Green Airport Recognition 2023.

Green Airport Recognition 2023

The Green Airport Recognition program is designed to spotlight and promote environmentally sustainable initiatives by airports in the Latin American and Caribbean region. Covering a range of aspects like waste management, energy efficiency, carbon emissions management, and climate change adaptation, this year’s edition was backed by TAV Technologies, a key technology provider in the airport market.

Lima Airport Partners was among the fourteen distinguished airport operators recognized for their commitment to sustainable practices. LAP’s winning project, focusing on the sustainable management of waste and materials in the expansion of the Jorge Chávez Airport in Lima, Peru, was a standout example of their dedication to eco-friendly airport development.

A Winning Project

The “Sustainable Management of Waste and Materials in the New Jorge Chávez Expansion Project” is a testament to Lima Airport Partners’ commitment to setting new standards in airport sustainability. As a new airport city takes shape, LAP is determined to build a future that adheres to the highest national and international socio-environmental standards. This project not only reflects LAP’s dedication to environmental stewardship but also marks a pivotal step towards a sustainable and resilient future.

ESG Award 2023 and ACI-LAC Green Airport Award 2023

In addition to the Green Airport Recognition, Lima Airport Partners was also honored with the ESG Award 2023, showcasing their commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles. These accolades serve as powerful motivators for LAP, reinforcing their dedication to the development of the new Jorge Chávez Airport with the highest standards and a positive impact on both people and the environment.

WorldXChange – A Beacon of Sustainable Innovation

Within the Jorge Chávez Airport, LAP’s commitment to green initiatives extends beyond the airport expansion project. A notable example is WorldXChange, a currency exchange office that holds both Carbon Neutral and Forest Friends certifications. Through actively managing and compensating its greenhouse gas emissions, WorldXChange goes a step further by supporting ecosystem restoration in Peru, showcasing LAP’s dedication to not only carbon neutrality, but also to contributing to the restoration of local fauna and flora.



Lima Airport Partners’ success at the ACI-LAC Annual Assembly 2023 exemplifies the pivotal role airports play in driving sustainable practices within the aviation industry. LAP’s dedication to eco-friendly initiatives, as demonstrated by their winning project and the recognition from industry awards, positions them as a leader in sustainable airport development. As the aviation sector continues to grapple with environmental challenges, LAP’s achievements serve as an inspiring model for other airports in the region and around the world, illustrating that a commitment to sustainability can lead to both operational excellence and positive impacts on the environment

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