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Mato Grosso do Sul Leading the Way in Ecotourism

Mato Grosso do Sul: Leading the Way in Ecotourism

In a surprising turn of events, Mato Grosso do Sul, renowned for its prominence in agribusiness, has emerged as a global frontrunner in ecotourism. This transformation, spearheaded by the municipality of Bonito, marked a significant milestone in 2023, earning the distinction of being the world’s first carbon-neutral ecotourism destination.

But how did a state primarily associated with agribusiness pivot so remarkably towards sustainability and eco-conscious tourism?

“Delving into this remarkable evolution necessitated an immersive exploration of the region, compelling me, as a documentarian, to venture alongside the talented director of photography Maxwell Polimanti and the accomplished executive producer Gisele Abrahão from LPM.World.”

Adriana Farias

Our journey unveiled a narrative that transcended conventional expectations. The documentary “Mato Grosso do Sul – Ecotourism Trailblazer to the World,” comprised of four compelling episodes, offered an insightful narrative about this transformation. This film received critical acclaim, earning a prestigious spot at the Travel FilmFest, a renowned international cinema festival held in Europe last October. Its recognition as a finalist in the best documentary category further underscored the significance of this paradigm shift.

At the heart of this revolution stands Bonito, a municipality that etched its name in history by securing the coveted title of the world’s inaugural carbon-neutral ecotourism destination in 2023. The distinction, conferred by the esteemed Green Initiative, endorsed by the United Nations, signifies a system that absorbs more carbon than it emits during its operations. This acknowledgment empowers this tourist haven to pioneer innovative climate-conscious products and services.

The certification not only underscores Bonito’s commitment to sustainability but also facilitates a platform for fostering actions that stimulate climate-smart innovations within the tourism industry. It heralds a new era where ecotourism and sustainability aren’t mere buzzwords but tangible, actionable principles embraced and embodied by a region once primarily synonymous with agricultural prowess.

This pivotal recognition reverberates beyond mere accolades. It exemplifies a profound shift in mindset and approach—a testament to how a region deeply rooted in one industry can transition towards sustainability while preserving its natural wonders.

Bonito’s narrative stands as a beacon of hope—a testament to the fact that industries can pivot, regions can transform, and paradigms can shift towards a more sustainable future. As the world grapples with environmental challenges, Bonito stands tall as an exemplar, inspiring others to emulate its success and embark on their journey towards sustainable tourism.

The journey of Mato Grosso do Sul—from agribusiness stronghold to an ecotourism bastion—is not merely a tale of transformation but a beacon guiding the way towards a more sustainable, environmentally conscious future for destinations worldwide.

Source: Terra, Redação Planeta


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