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International Travel Award Green Initiative

Green Initiative wins international travel award

and the winner is GREEN INITIATIVE!

For its holistic approach to decarbonizing tourism in Machu Picchu, becoming the First Carbon Neutral Tourism Destination Worldwide.

On April 16th, the day in São Paulo was marked by an important event. It was the handing out of the Responsible Tourism Awards, created to recognize advances in the Travel Market. Thus, paving the way for replicating successful cases and the joint construction of a more sustainable world.

The award

Created eight years ago to validate good practices within the tourism industry. 

18 professionals from different areas across the entire continent judged the finalists in six categories. Three criteria where considered: originality, impact, and potential for replication within the tourism industry

The work led by Green Initiative and local partners such as the municipality of Machu Picchu, InkaTerra Hotels Group, and AJE Group has introduced climate mitigation action at the core of the tourism destination management of Machu Picchu

Green Initiative Approach For Climate Action

Following the Green Initiative approach for climate action in the tourism industry, partners worked together on 3 levels of influence:

  1. Public management processes
  2. Tourism businesses management
  3. Travelers’ sustainable consumption, leading to high-impact results in climate mitigation  

Judges considered this initiative a global reference ¨to be watched¨ due to its pragmatic multi-sectorial approach. As well as the scaling up possibilities for other destinations worldwide. 

Also, judges believe Green Initiative has led to a ¨holistic solution¨. Since it brings all stakeholders to the same table and shares responsibility for a ¨shift of course¨. Hence, that can benefit local communities, businesses, and the planet. 

This international Award is a milestone for all tourism destinations worldwide. It is evident that tourism can lead the way into a climate-neutral transformation. And as a consequence, it is fundamental for the long-term prosperity of humanity. 

Lastly, learn how to engage your Travel Business into a New Level of Leadership and Competitiveness by becoming Climate Positive, Climate Neutral and Climate Measured certified here.


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