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Ocho Sur receives 'Carbon Measured' Certification Leading the Way in Sustainable Palm Oil with Green Initiative

Ocho Sur receives ‘Carbon Measured’ Certification: Leading the Way in Sustainable Palm Oil with Green Initiative

A Landmark in Sustainable Palm Oil

Ocho Sur, a company dedicated to sustainable palm oil production in Ucayali, has achieved a significant milestone by obtaining the international certification “Carbon Measured” from Green Initiative. The certification process completed by Ocho Sur complies with the international standards promoted by the United Nations, ensuring consistency and transparency in the measurement of the company’s carbon footprint and its commitment to sustainable development.

“The Carbon Measured certification from Green Initiative acknowledges that Ocho Sur has conducted a comprehensive measurement of all greenhouse gas emissions throughout its value chain,” stated Michael Spoor, CEO of Ocho Sur. It is essential for organizations to measure their carbon footprint, as this allows them to identify mitigation measures and establish action plans to achieve carbon neutrality. This initiative drives the company to develop a new generation of products with low carbon emissions or climate-smart attributes, thereby enhancing its market positioning and fostering innovation. Furthermore, it commits the company to accelerate the decarbonization of its activities and to protect local ecosystems in Pucallpa. The work carried out enabled Ocho Sur to strike a balance between generated emissions and emissions captured in its plantations, providing the company with a holistic perspective on mitigation opportunities and positive climate impact.

Ocho Sur’s Carbon Measured Journey: Rigorous Certification Process and Impactful CO2 Reduction Initiatives

Obtaining the “Carbon Measured” certification is a rigorous process consisting of three main stages: calculate, mitigate, and certify, each with specific sub-stages that ensure the rigor and quality of the study.

Since the beginning of its operations, Ocho Sur has been developing strategies and implementing notable initiatives that have allowed it to reduce its CO2. Examples include the implementation of circular economy practices and the utilization of palm waste, such as fiber and husks, to generate biofuel used in boilers. Subsequently, in 2021, they chose to capture the biogas emanating from the stabilization ponds of industrial wastewater treatment. This action represents the second mitigation measure, which enabled the combustion of methane present in the biogas, thus preventing its direct release into the atmosphere.

With these initiatives, Ocho Sur is becoming a benchmark for green businesses in the Peruvian Amazon due to its comprehensive focus on sustainable development, centered around forest protection and improvement in the quality of life for the local population. The Peruvian company implements awareness programs for the local population (monitoring workshops), ecosystem protection policies, and mitigation actions as part of its business model, thereby leading a positive change in the region.

Partner with Green Initiative for a Sustainable and Impactful Future

This achievement calls out to all kinds of businesses that want to help the Earth and society in a good way. At Green Initiative, we stand ready to collaborate with organizations that seek to make a difference in the world. Together, we can drive change, foster innovation, and lead the way to a greener and more sustainable future. Reach out to us today, and let us work hand in hand to forge a path of environmental stewardship and excellence.

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