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19-01-23 Global Risks Report 2023 Navigating the Converging Crises of the Decade Ahead

Global Risks Report 2023: Navigating the Converging Crises of the Decade Ahead

The past years of this decade have marked a significant period of disruption in human history.

The return to a “new normal” post-COVID-19 pandemic was short-lived as the outbreak of war in Ukraine brought about fresh crises in food and energy, reviving problems that had been previously addressed.

As 2023 begins, the world faces risks that are both unprecedented and familiar. Familiar risks such as inflation, cost-of-living issues, trade wars, and nuclear warfare have resurfaced, while new developments such as unsustainable debt, low global investment, and the pressure of climate change are amplifying these risks.

These risks are converging to shape a unique, uncertain, and turbulent decade ahead.

The Global Risks Report 2023 presents the findings of the latest Global Risks Perception Survey. The report examines global risks using three time frames: current crises, short-term risks, and long-term risks. It also explores the potential for these risks to converge into a “polycrisis” centered around natural resource shortages by 2030 and assesses preparedness for these risks and potential solutions for a more resilient future.

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