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The Green Logistics Revolution

The Green Logistics Revolution

Logistics companies achieve Carbon Neutral certification and take the lead in climate action transport services sector.

The companies DELFIN GROUP, an international cargo agent; and DELFIN LOGISTICS, the transportation arm of the DELFIN group, were granted the Carbon Neutral certification, issued by the GREEN INITIATIVE, complying with global standards validated by the United Nations.

The companies, part of the CIMC CHINA holding company, achieved this certification by successfully completing the process of measuring and offsetting their carbon footprint, with high standards of transparency.

These companies are leading the way in the logistics sector, in terms of responsibility and climate action; assuming specific commitments within its Action Plans for 2023-2025, specifically referring to 1) the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in its operations, and 2) innovation in climate-smart services.

“We decided to incorporate climate action into our business model, because we are convinced that international trade can be part of the solution and not part of the problem of global warming. We want to lead this great ‘green logistics revolution’ in Peru, developing the necessary capacities that allow us to be the first option in carbon neutral logistics services”.

Felipe Lopez, general manager of DELFIN LOGISTICS.

For his part, Herbert Saco-Vertiz, commercial manager of DELFIN GROUP, added that “The climate agenda is a priority in all economic segments, including international trade. We are going to support our clients to reduce their carbon emissions and generate a positive impact on the climate, through climate-smart logistics services.

The “green logistics revolution” is a call for innovation and Peru, as a leading exporting country in many sectors, must anticipate it in order not to lose competitiveness. At Delfin Group, we will be helping exporters meet their climate goals.”

Herbert Saco-Vertiz, commercial manager of DELFIN GROUP

Both executives agreed that their great task is to assume leadership and internalize climate action within the company and among their stakeholders, so that the positive impact of their climate actions generate value for their clients, who will also benefit from climate smart logistical services.

Also, both executives have something in common when it comes to relationship building with suppliers: they consider them to be a fundamental part of their carbon footprint mitigation strategy, in order to progressively reduce GHG emissions from their operations.

To achieve Carbon Neutral certification, the companies of the DELFIN group engaged into detailed and transparent measurement of its corporate carbon footprint and mitigation action, there results were reviewed and are available at Green Initiative – Impact webpage.

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