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Understanding the sustainability of electric cars

Driving Ethically: Understanding the sustainability of electric cars.


With 91% of electric car owners stating they wouldn’t consider trading in for a petrol or diesel version, more consumers are seeing the value in sustainable transportation.

Their guide covers how electric vehicles impact the planet:

  • How cars affect the environment with polluting gases, like carbon dioxide and nitrogen
  • How electric vehicles can lower emissions in the automotive industry
  • The history of electric cars
  • Future challenges for electric car uptake
  • Tips for buying and owning your electric car responsibly

It delves into key insights like:

  • People are willing to put their money where their mouth is. 57% of consumers are willing to change their purchasing habits to help reduce negative environmental impact.
  • The shift to electric vehicles would cut the overall lifetime Greenhouse Gas footprint by about 37% for passenger vehicles while reducing the operating footprint by 75%.
  • Electric vehicle usage is only rising. In 2010, there were only 17,000 electric cars on the road around the world. By 2019, that number had grown to 7.2 million.
  • For the 53% of drivers that aren’t considering an electric vehicle, the most common reason is a lack of public charging points (69%).

We deeply recommend the reading! Click here to read the guide.

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