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Engage in Ecosystems Restoration

You are invited to be part of this climate positive action.

30 million trees by 2030.

Green Initiative plants trees on behalf of your company. We do this through an ecosystem based approach, which means that we are not only concerned in the number of trees planted but rather in the overall impact on biodiversity recovery.

Our main goals are:


connectivity between biodiversity hotspots.


shelter and food for local species, enabling its recovery.


with local communities in green jobs creation.

Green Initiative is a member of the UN Decade for Ecosystems Restoration - Science Task Force which supports the development of global principles for ecosystems restoration.

Take a Look at Our Tree Planting Hotspots

Learn more about our impact on the ground.

Peninsula de Osa

Costa Rica

Machu Picchu




Bennefits for your Business:


with ESG and Climate Financing standards, leveraging your access to climate funding.


the sense of purpose and relevance of your business, connecting with an issue of global concern.

Go beyond

carbon neutrality positioning your business as a climate champion.

The Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu

is leading a pos-covid recovery, Building Tourism Back Better, by becoming the first Carbon Neutral Certified tourism destination world-wide.

aje group 2 high
AJE Group

has measured its corporate Carbon Footprint, receiving a gold achievement badge from the United Nations in Climate Change in 2021.

InkaTerra Hotel

has been certified as the world first Climate Positive hotel brand.

inkaterra---greeninitiative logo
Costa-Rica-Green-Initiative 3 high
My Costa Rica Travel Agency

is making a difference restoring ecosystems and providing Carbon Neutral Traveling to all its clients.

Let´s work together

Natural forest offsets and sequesters most of the world’s terrestrial carbon, helping to maintain a stable climate. They clean the air and water, provide food and other inputs that are absolutely relevant for global economic development and long-term human prosperity.

These ecosystems are home to thousands of wildlife species, trees, and plants, which are all part of the overall living system, playing a key role in climate stability, public health and food security.

We are working to plant 30 million trees by 2030 restoring ecosystems capacity to capture and store carbon emissions in some of the world’s most significant biodiversity hotspots.

We Answer Your Questions

At Green Initiative we help our clients mobilize resources for climate financing, in addition to complying with climate regulations for international trade, improving the efficiency of their operations, reducing costs and adding value to their products and services, connecting them with the París Climate Agreement, and with the United Nations Sustainable Goals.

At the Green Initiative we have the necessary know-how to enable our clients to lead this transformation through actions that generate positive impacts for their organizations, as well as for the planet.

  • we support your business full cycle of climate action, going beyond.
  • science-based methodologies and tools.
  • experience in various industries and countries.
  • we are accredited as a support resource for United Nations Climate Change, GCOM, CDP, OnePlanet, Global Footprint Network, and UN Decade for Ecosystems Restoration.
  • we provide a cost effective value proposition.

A Climate Certification is a formal endorsement of your organization’s work in progress and commitment to shift towards a low carbon emissions economy achieving net zero emissions by 2050 or before.

Green Initiative Climate Certifications offer direct benefits to increase your business competitiveness and sustainability performance, among which the following stand out:

  • climate leadership
  • climate action at the core of the business
  • mobilize climate financing (loans and grants)
  • compliance with international climate trade standards
  • support innovation through climate-friendly products and services.
  • aligns your business to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Green Initiative Carbon Neutral Certification A carbon neutral certification demonstrates an organisation’s commitment to decarbonisation, and the neutralisation of remaining impact through the support of environmental projects.

  • Carbon Neutral Certified demonstrates that your business is committed to decarbonisation through clear science based mitigation targets, and has conducted the off-setting of remaining impact purchasing carbon credits that reduce and capture greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere (such as renewable energy, energy efficiency and forest conservation projects).
  • Climate Positive Certified means that your business climate action has gone beyond neutrality, actually creating environmental and climate benefits by removing additional carbon dioxide from the atmosphere through actions to protect, sustainably manage, and/or restore ecosystems.

We kneet the right sock for your shoe. In the travel industry, Green Initiative provides solutions for tourism operators offering carbon-neutral services as part of their post COVID recovery strategy.

Companies such as My Costa Rica and Inkaterra offset emissions with certified compensation projects and sponsor forest recovery.

Machu Picchu, the first CarbonNeutral Certified wonder of the world, is engaging tourists to offset their carbon footprint.

Adidas is sponsoring ecosystem restoration in a land the size of one football field in the Amazon; they are planting trees as part of their carbon mitigation goals.

REVERT is offsetting remaining emissions supporting climate solutions, and sponsoring climate positive action.

At Green Initiative, we provide funding for two complementary types of climate change mitigation solutions: one is planting native trees for ecosystems restoration, and the other is supporting natural and technology driven solutions through carbon credits.

Recently planted trees need to be nurtured and protected for years to provide environmental services such as carbon sinking. Planting a tree is a matter of having empathy with life on earth. Today, more than ever, we need to connect with global challenges such as climate change and biodiversity loss, and planting trees, under the scope of ecosystem restoration, provides a fundamental tool for reverting the natural climate crisis we are facing.

To conduct the carbon off-setting of your business the most consist approach to do so is through carbon credits.

Certificate for Emission Reduction, Certified Carbon Offset, or simply Carbon Credit is a  certificate generated by an accountable body that represents reducing or removing one ton of CO2 from the atmosphere.

These certificates aim to monetize the climate benefits embedded in specific projects and provide them with an additional revenue stream.

A Carbon Credit enables you to offset your business’s unavoidable carbon emissions by funding projects worldwide that avoid, reduce or capture greenhouse gases. A Carbon Credit is a part of an international mechanism endorsed by the United Nations that allows your business to claim carbon neutrality.

There are different levels for climate change mitigation results. Within your business, you should prove impact by monitoring your Key Climate Performance Indicators. You should be able to do so simply by conducting your carbon footprint assessment annually using Green Initiative Carbon Management Tool.

From a carbon footprint offsetting perspective, your business will prove to have compensated its carbon emissions through the provision of a Carbon Compensation Certificate. This certificate provides complete detailed information of the source (VERRA, Gold Standard, or CDM), type of credits (carbon reduction, avoidance, siking, or removal), and the specific market ID number of the credits used by your business to claim carbon neutrality.

Monitoring tree planting for ecosystems restoration is done by combining on the ground supervision with high-precision satellite images. Green Initiative provides one of the complete monitoring services available, effectively comparing the baseline situation with restoration performance.

We only work with tree-planting partners who plant trees responsibly. In addition, our partners are regularly audited by third parties, and publish internal reports for us with updates and data from our planting sites. Check out this performance monitoring report for our Costa Rica tree planting project.

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