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CO2 Footprint Management

Our clients achieve results efficiently and immediately, applying the know-how acquired by Green Initiative in various industries and projects with an impact in 14 countries.


Step 1 Calculate

The calculation and analysis of the carbon footprint represent the baseline, the first step to start a path towards the decarbonization of any activity.

Step 2 Reduce

We support you in structuring actions that allow you to mitigate the identified carbon emissions efficiently and immediately through our advice. Green Initiative works with a portfolio of mitigation projects in some of the most important world biodiversity hubs in Peru and Costa Rica.

Step 3 Certify

The Carbon Neutral certification is the result of the previous work cycle and is supported by the correct application of the carbon footprint management protocols. Through the Green Initiative, our clients will be able to achieve the

Step 4 Communicate

We help you communicate your good carbon footprint management practices internally through awareness-raising actions and externally with communication tools.

Co2 footprint verification

We independently verify the calculation of the Co2 footprint made by other organizations.

Interim, final and ex-post evaluations

We evaluate the implementation of programs or projects to mitigate climate change.

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