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Green Initiative Recognized on Standards Map

Climate Excellence Recognized: Green Initiative on Standards Map

Green Initiative has achieved a momentous milestone in a significant stride towards its commitment to environmental stewardship. Our organization has proudly secured a position on the esteemed Standards Map, a comprehensive online platform designed by the International Trade Centre (ITC) to facilitate easy access to vital information regarding environmental protection standards, labor rights, business ethics, due diligence, and traceability.

A Recognition for Climate Action Excellence

This inclusion on the Standards Map is a testament to Green Initiative’s dedication and adherence to stringent standards for certifying global climate and nature actions. It signifies a noteworthy recognition of our comprehensive approach and alignment with international benchmarks for sustainable practices.

The Standards Map is not just an online tool; it’s a gateway to a wealth of insights and information. Its user-friendly interface empowers users to swiftly access critical data and comprehend prevailing trends across various domains crucial for sustainability. Green Initiative’s presence on this platform amplifies its visibility and credibility, showcasing its commitment to embracing and surpassing global climate action best practices.

Partners’ Dedication Propels Green Initiative to Standards Map Recognition

This achievement is a recognition to our partnersteamscientific and technical advisory council, and allies’ unwavering support and dedication. The continuous backing has been instrumental in propelling Green Initiative towards this commendable achievement. This recognition not only elevates the profile of the Green Initiative but also positions us as a critical partner for all those organizations that pursue the decarbonization of their processes and value chains.

Being part of the Standards Map opens doors to expanded opportunities for collaboration in different sectors and industries, reinforcing our strategic role and commitment to fostering climate action on a global scale.

Gratitude for Collective Support

Green Initiative appreciates all partners and stakeholders for their enduring support. Together, this recognition marks a significant leap forward in the collective endeavor towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future.

The journey toward climate and nature’s positive impacts is ongoing, and Green Initiative remains steadfast in its dedication to accelerating this transition.

Thank you! The Green Initiative Team


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