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Santa Natura - The first brand of natural products to obtain carbon neutral certification in Peru, renews its certification and has received a gold medal from the United Nations

First Carbon Neutral brand in Peru

The first brand of natural products to obtain Carbon Neutral Certification in Peru, Santa Natura, renews its certification and receives a gold medal from the United Nations.

About Santa Natura

20 years ago Santa Natura founders began studying the nutritional properties of “super foods” and the healing benefits of medicinal plants that Andean Cultures have known for a millennium.

Peru’s #1 Company

Currently, Santa Natura is Peru’s No.1 company in natural super foods. And what’s more is that they lead the trend in the Latin American market. They are recognized for quality products with great contribution to human life and health.

Carbon Neutral Certified

Santa Natura is the first natural products company in Peru to obtain a Carbon Neutral Certification. On top of this, it has renewed the certification for the second year, and has been recognized with the gold medal in the categories of Calculated Carbon Footprint and Compensation.

This result reflects the sincere commitment of its team; who has a deep awareness that it has a transformative role; by rethinking and making its processes more efficient, and truly understanding that the production of its products leaves a mark on the planet.

At Santa Natura we are very pleased to have won this gold medal for the reduction of our carbon footprint, and renew our Carbon Neutral Certification. Knowing that we are contributing to the care of our environment, that we are helping to preserve the biodiversity of Peru and the world, fills us with pride as we continue our commitment to work with more responsibility“.

Jeanette Emmanuelle, director of Santa Natura

Responsibility in Reducing and avoiding Carbon Emissions

The Green Initiative Carbon Neutral Certification entails commitments to climate responsibility. And Santa Natura is making a wide array of investments to reduce and avoid carbon emissions, by striving to fulfill the commitment assumed with the United Nations. Moreover, align its prospects with Objective 12 of Responsible Production and Consumption and Goal 13 for Climate Action of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Through this certification process, they have reduced the main sources of greenhouse gas emissions; most notably in the areas of optimized consumption of gas, electricity and water in containers, as well as in the optimization of energy transmission and distribution.

In this context, residual emissions were offset throuIn this context, residual emissions were offset through projects certified by the United Nations Climate Organization, as part of the international program of Clean Development Mechanisms (CDM).

The Challenge

The company recognizes that it has an important challenge in the progressive reduction of its emissions. And to achieve this, it must incorporate its suppliers in a process of shared responsibility; where everyone, including the planet, must benefit.

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