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Green Initiative is a global partner of the United Nations

For the Decade on Ecosystems Restoration

We are proud to announce that Green Initiative is now a Global Partner of the United Nations!

Green Initiative became an active actor of the UN Decade on Ecosystems Restoration 2021-2030 in September 2021.

This means that we now belong to the #GenerationRestauration! Furthermore, it means that we are active in linking our Forest Friends initiatives (

UN Decade for Ecosystems Restoration
UN Decade on Ecosystems Restoration

Also, this denotes that we are being effective in creating relevant relationships that benefit our planet. By efficiently linking Forest Friends to other highly relevant Ecosystem Restoration initiatives around the world.

The Green Initiative team is making a difference on the ground.

We are in a hurry, share the same ambitions and are acting!

The UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration is not just an urgent call to join this decade-long countdown. It´s against disastrous climate change and protecting one million species currently at risk of extinction.

Also, it is about sharing and learning best practices. Likewise, one entity alone, cannot achieve transformative changes.

This network will allow us to reflect and adapt our actions, anticipating improvement and maximizing ecosystem recovery on the groundwork. 

Forest Friends

Forest Friends is Green Initiative’s role is to promote and support the UN Decade’s activities and mission and help build #generationrestoration

We provide Digital Hub content, help them organize communications initiatives and activities nationally or sub-nationally, and even co-host public events.

Like Green Initiative, Forest Friends is as well geared to connecting tourism organizations worldwide to climate action and ecosystems restoration efforts.

And ultimately, make the tourism industry a champion of the transition to a biodiversity-friendly, low-carbon economy.

We will for sure spread the word to our network! 

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Join the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration

It is time!

Join the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration:

“For the next ten years, every action matters. Prevent, halt, and reverse the degradation of ecosystems worldwide.” 
Tatiana Visnevski
Head of Forest Friends

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