Plant Trees where they are most needed

We are planting trees to restore ecosystems and help local communities by developing climate action and nature positive impacts!

Together with our global and local partners in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador and Peru, our objectives have two key aspects. Firstly, we aim to reforest to safeguard the habitats of endangered wildlife species listed in the IUCN Red List, including mammals, birds, reptiles, and insects. The reforested areas serve as vital fauna corridors, enabling healthy genetic exchange among wild species, and help reestablish the natural biogeochemical cycling of carbon, oxygen and nutrients. Secondly, we strive to create employment opportunities for local community members and smallholder farming families.


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Choose your amount: $1.00 or above, every contribution, no matter the size, makes a significant impact and will add to our reforestation project. Contribute with any value that you feel comfortable with. Your certificate will show your detailed contribution.


Your Climate contribution

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Your Climate contribution is issued in the form of a certificate. It includes special access to the project report page, developed to connect you to the Green Initiatives you support, in a transparent way.

What´s included?

Reporting and Transparency

We take great care to ensure the success of our land plots. From the moment they’re planted, each plot is photographed and geolocated, and every plant is closely monitored to ensure optimal growth. Once a year, we provide a report on the planted areas, allowing you to track the project’s progress and its impact on the region.

Local education and development

Besides restoring the environment, the project benefits the local economy through seasonal employment. Trees are planted by landowners and residents, while local assistants maintain the nursery and monitor the trees. In addition, environmental education events are executed in schools to improve environmental awareness.

Ecological infrastructure

We allocate a portion of our funds towards enhancing the ecological infrastructure and data collection of the region. This includes constructing bridges to facilitate safe dispersion of fauna, improving the project’s nursery and equipment, collecting important data on the animals and expanding our reach to new areas. By ensuring the safety of endemic animal species, we can greatly improve the overall health and resilience of the ecosystem.

More information about the project

Why Let us choose the tree planting biodiversity Hotspot?

By alowing us to choose the tree planting biodiversity hotspots, you also wil actively support the preservation of ecologically significant areas, contribute to climate change mitigation, promote habitat connectivity, engage and empower local communities, and create a lasting impact on the planet’s well-being. With your support, our planting of trees will have a positive and direct impact on local communities in several ways:

  • Employment and Income Generation: Tree planting initiatives provide opportunities for local community members to engage in reforestation activities, such as seed collection, nursery management, tree planting, and maintenance. By involving community members in these projects, you can create employment opportunities and generate income for individuals and families, especially in areas where alternative job prospects may be limited.

  • Skill Development and Capacity Building: Tree planting programs offer training and capacity-building opportunities for community members. They can learn various skills related to tree nursery management, agroforestry techniques, and sustainable land management practices. These skills not only enhance their employability within the project but also equip them with valuable knowledge for future livelihood activities.

  • Environmental Education and Awareness: Tree planting initiatives can serve as platforms for environmental education and awareness-raising within local communities. Through workshops, training sessions, and community events, participants can learn about the importance of trees, the benefits of reforestation, and the significance of biodiversity conservation. This knowledge can inspire community members to become environmental stewards and advocate for sustainable practices in their daily lives.

  • Ecosystem Services and Livelihood Support: Trees provide a range of ecosystem services that directly benefit local communities. Afforestation and reforestation efforts can help improve soil fertility, regulate water cycles, and enhance local microclimates. This, in turn, can support agricultural productivity, provide shade and shelter for livestock, and contribute to overall ecosystem resilience. By planting trees, you can contribute to the sustainable livelihoods of community members who depend on natural resources for their well-being.

  • Social Cohesion and Community Pride: Tree planting activities can foster a sense of community cohesion and pride. By involving community members in a shared goal of reforestation and environmental conservation, you create opportunities for collaboration, teamwork, and a shared sense of accomplishment. This can strengthen social bonds, promote a sense of ownership over the project, and enhance community resilience

How do we select our trees?

Our tree planting service prioritizes the environment by selecting the right trees for you. We choose from a range of options, including fruit trees, red-listed trees, fast-growing trees for shade, and palm trees. Our expert team considers biodiversity recovery and sustainable planting practices in our tree selection and planting. With us, you can make a positive impact on the environment without having to choose the trees yourself.

The selection of native species to be restored is based on two criteria:

Their value to the fauna

The threat category of the tree species themselves

Our local partners

We take great pride in our ongoing partnerships with reforestation organizations worldwide like Inkaterra and Saimiri, as we recognize the collective power of collaboration and shared vision in tackling the global environmental challenges we face. By fostering continuous relationships with these organizations, we strengthen our commitment to reforestation efforts and expand the scope of our impact.

These continuous partnerships also provide opportunities for mutual learning and growth. Through ongoing dialogue and knowledge exchange, we can collectively refine our strategies, improve project implementation, and overcome common challenges. By fostering a collaborative environment, we ensure that our reforestation efforts are continuously evolving and becoming more effective over time.

Where is the Planting Site located?

Our planting sites are located in the province of Tambopata, which is the largest one in Madre de Dios, covering up to 42.5 percent of its territory. We select the planting sites according to their environmental potential of connecting forest areas and the availability of these degraded lands from local landowners that will contribute to their restoration.

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Our impact in the region

Our continuous partnerships with reforestation organizations worldwide reflect our unwavering dedication to addressing environmental issues and making a meaningful impact. These collaborations strengthen our capacity to restore forests, protect biodiversity, mitigate climate change, and support the communities and ecosystems that depend on healthy forests. Together, we strive towards a sustainable and resilient future for our planet.